These year-end mistakes could cost you big time

These year end mistakes could cost you big timepiggy bank money(Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)Many Flex Spending Accounts are use it or lose it.As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time to use it!Saving expert Matt Granite shows you how to maximize every FSA dollar you can’t roll over into the new year.Watch the video above for tips on making sure your finances are in order for tax time and what warning signs you should be looking for on your next credit card bill.Follow deal expert @MattGranite for more money saving tips.Matt Granite is a consumer reporter with WKYC in Cleveland. His videos offer tips to consumers on how to save money.We do not get any financial compensation for mentioning any of these deals or companies. The only purpose of this segment is to save you money.Is your flight full and the airline bumping passengers? You may want to jump on that! Deal expert Matt Granite explains your rights as a passenger and how much money you can earn by working the system. WKYC-TVIn order to save money at the grocery store, arm yourself with these tips for buying at the right time and not falling for grocery store gimmicks. VPCWhile shopping in the grocery store, you may wonder whether or not the generic option is the better buy. Money expert Matt Granite has his list of the top things you should and shouldn't buy generic. VPCIf you're one of the many Americans who shops at wholesale stores, beware! Here are five things you should never buy in bulk. VPCAfter years of hearing that booking flights on Tuesday morning will get you the cheapest flights, money expert Matt Granite says that isn't true anymore. Watch the video for his advice on when to book. VPCForget trekking through the mall or scouring the web for deals. Consumer savings expert Matt Granite shows you the top 5 items you should never buy at full price. WKRE-TVDeal expert Matt Granite reveals which service providers offer the most features and least hidden fees for smartphone users. VPCThese sites will actually alert you when prices drop on your favorite things. VPCMoney expert Matt Granite explores what items are best purchased online and what items are better left to the in-store shopping experience. Savings guru Matt Granite explains which television streaming service might be right for you and your enterainment budget. VPCYou could save thousands of dollars on your next car purchase just by knowing what to ask for, and when to lease or buy. VPCTravelers have more options than ever for places to stay on vacation. Money expert Matt Granite helps you figure out which vacation rental companies are worth your time and money. VPCMatt Granite explains what scenarios could score a seat upgrade on your next flight. VPCOrganic produce is more expensive than the non-organic options, but is it better or healthier? For some fruits and vegetables, spending money on the organic option is a waste of money. VPCYou know the airline's pleas all too well, that the flight you're on is overbooked and they need volunteers to bump to a different flight. Here are some tips to avoiding being bumped on your next full flight. VPCWhether you're a frequent flyer or traveling with your family and need to book a hotel room, use these three tips to better your chances for a free hotel room upgrade. VPCIf you're not willing to cut the cord just yet, you may be wondering if cable or satellite is the better option when it comes to your television-subscribing options. Money expert Matt Granite compares the prices of Target and Walmart to decide which retail giant saves you the most money. VPCWhether you travel a lot or want to control you next cab from the palm of your hand, Uber is a transportation service controlled by you. VPCFor some of us, the worst thing surrounding a flight is our disconnect from email, the internet, and the modern world. Money expert Matt Granite tells us how to get free or almost free Wi-Fi during flights. VPC

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