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Disquiet in NYPD ranks over Bill de Blasio’s perceived anti-police stance |

Disquiet in NYPD ranks over Bill de Blasio's perceived anti-police stance | World news | NewsWire
New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio, is flanked by the police commissioner, Bill Bratton, and the Reverend Al Sharpton on 31 July. Photograph: Bob Bennett/AP

Police have become increasingly at odds with Mayor Bill de Blasio over the appearance that he is taking sides against them after the chokehold death of a black suspect last month – a conflict that has prompted the city’s top law enforcement official to do damage control by calling the mayor “very pro-cop”.

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MP Andrew Cornwell tells Icac he used $10,000 from developer to pay tax |

MP Andrew Cornwell tells Icac he used $10,000 from developer to pay tax | World news | NewsWire
Charlestown MP Andrew Cornwell and his wife, Samantha Brookes, arrive to give evidence at the Independent Commision Against Corruption hearing in Sydney on Thursday. Photograph: Paul Miller/AAP

New South Wales MP Andrew Cornwell’s political career has taken another blow after he admitted using more than $10,000 from a “sham” art sale to a property developer to pay his payroll tax bill.

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Growing pains of the great US marijuana legalisation experiment | World news | The Observer

On a dark industrial street on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, shabby cars and the occasional truck disappear down an alley, as though heading to a secret meeting. Their destination, around a heavily rutted corner lined by chain-linked fencing, is a large warehouse that used to be a paintball arena but now boasts row after row of sophisticated drug-making paraphernalia.

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