HelpPhone: New tourist tool for Android does not let down in a foreign country

HelpPhone: New tourist tool for Android does not let down in a foreign country
Fonika software development company presents a straightforward way to find all crucial phone numbers – in thousands of cities, in 80+ countries all over the world. Users can call an ambulance, order a taxi, find local hotels, book a table, and retrieve phones of dry cleaners – HelpPhone instantly delivers all helpful telephone numbers.

Traveling to a foreign country or even to another city – whether this is a business trip or tourism – is related to some typical concerns. Booking a hotel room, ordering a taxi, locating nearby car rentals, drug stores or restaurants is usually done via a hotel reception, or manually by scanning the Web or a phonebook. A new Android app, HelpPhone, aims to make the search process more efficient by providing a turnkey list of local telephone numbers of almost anything an average traveler may need.

Once started, the application connects to a remote database and retrieves phones of local organizations of the chosen city in a specific category: hotels, restaurants, taxi, car rentals, postal services, real estate agents and many more. All phone numbers are automatically adapted to the format best suitable for cell phone calls. A user can rent an apartment while in an airport, hire a taxi for transfer, and order pizza delivery to the room right before the arrival – all with HelpPhone in just a few seconds. And in case of emergency, the app also provides instant access to phone numbers of local police, ambulance, medical centers and drug stores.

Importantly, users can add new telephone numbers into the database at any time making the application even more helpful. This option is available in the paid version only. Plus, there’s an ability to move any given phone number to the top of the list – a crucial option for business owners as the app shows the top 10 numbers on the first screen of a category.

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