After Missing Drivers, Australian Authorities Go After UberX Cars

After Missing Drivers, Australian Authorities Go After UberX Cars

Officials in New South Wales, Australia are banning UberX cars from their roads for three months after failing to prosecute their drivers, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Authorities charged 24 drivers with violating the state’s taxi laws, saying the UberX car-sharing service couldn’t properly monitor and vet its 4,000 drivers in Sydney. Those charges were dropped due to “evidentiary issues” and the drivers avoided fines up to $70,000.

Now the state says it’ll ban private UberX cars from the road instead.

“If drivers continue to offer illegal ride-sharing services – they will continue to risk registration suspensions and fines,” Peter Wells, New South Wales’ Road and Maritime Services director, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Uber’s problems aren’t in Australia alone. On Monday, Uber’s European headquarters was raided by Dutch prosecutors who said its UberPOP service in that country, and UberPOP has been banned in other European countries such as Germany, France and Belgium.

[H/T to Jack for sending us this one.]

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