I tracked every car-related expense for 3 years. Here’s what I learned

I tracked every car related expense for 3 years. Here's what I learned(Photo: Getty Images)You may have heard that a car is among the worst investments you’ll ever make. Although the value of car ownership is not strictly financial (think of the freedom it brings!), a car’s value drops the second you drive it off the dealership lot, maintenance costs can pile up quickly, and some of us would find it cheaper to get around by bike or public transit.That said, it’s not easy to come by evidence supporting the widely held notion that a vehicle is a losing investment. I mean, who tracks every car-related expense throughout years of car ownership?Well, I did, actually.I’ve tracked every single car-related expense since I purchased my Mazda 3 hatchback in June 2013 — every purchase of gasoline, every mile driven per tank of gas, every oil change, every tune-up, and every insurance payment. This nerdy habit has given me some unexpected insights into car ownership that may shed some light on the true cost of car ownership.

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