FCC Puts Caps On The Sky-High Rates Prisoners Pay To Call Home

FCC Puts Caps On The Sky High Rates Prisoners Pay To Call Home

Great Beyond)

Long-distance and collect calling aren’t something most of us have to think about all that often, anymore. But for the families of the 2.2 million Americans living behind bars, the monopoly contracts that exist on phone companies behind bars, and the exorbitant, sky-high rates that spring from them, are a huge problem — one that the FCC has just taken action to mitigate.

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AirBNB Apologizes For Passive-Aggressive Ads Making City Budget Suggestions

AirBNB Apologizes For Passive Aggressive Ads Making City Budget Suggestions

(Adam Fagen)

In the last 24 hours or so, AirBNB has learned a few important lessons about passive-aggressive advertising and about how much people love public schools and libraries. Shortly before voters in San Francisco decide whether to severely restrict residents’ ability to rent out their property on a short-term basis, the company put out an ad campaign to remind the city of how much tax revenue those stays generate. The backlash was swift and angry.

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