6 Steps to Avoid Being Overcharged at the Grocery Store -

6 Steps to Avoid Being Overcharged at the Grocery Store  Several New York City supermarket chains, including Whole Foods, have been accused by inspectors of overcharging customers mispriced items, but officials say there are steps you can take to make sure you don’t overpay. The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs announced an ongoing investigation into Whole Foods Market, which has nine locations in the area, saying the chain “routinely overstated” the weight of its pre-packaged products, including meat, dairy and baked goods. But the problem isn’t just with the Austin, Texas-based chain. Aside from Whole Foods, the department inspected 119 stores citywide and found a 77 percent violation rate. Whole Foods denies the allegations of mislabeling weighted products. “We disagree with the DCA’s overreaching allegations and we are vigorously defending ourselves,” Whole Foods said in a statement. “We cooperated fully with the DCA from the beginning until we disagreed with their grossly excessive monetary demands. “Despite our requests to the DCA, they have not provided evidence to back up their demands nor have they requested any additional information from us, but instead have taken this to the media to coerce us.” No matter where you shop, here are several tips from the Department of Consumer affairs to avoid being overcharged at the supermarket.

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