The Best and Worst US Cities to Retire in -

The Best and Worst US Cities to Retire in  Sunshine and low taxes may be selling points when choosing a city to retire in — but only one city in Florida, which conspicuously boasts of both factors, made the cut in a new list of best cities to retire. It turns out the Phoenix metropolitan area, not Tampa or Boca Raton, is the best city to retire in, according to The “Grand Canyon State” has three metro areas on the list this year. The worst place to retire, according to the personal finance website, is New York City. The five worst places for retirement are New York City, Little Rock, Arkansas; New Haven, Connecticut; Buffalo, New York; and Newark, New Jersey. While New York ranked first in walkability, its high cost and taxes were negatives. ranked 172 cities based on weather, cost of living, crime rate, health care quality, taxes and “walkability.” The rankings also considered “senior well-being,” a measurement from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index that tries to capture how satisfaction of surroundings from residents 65 and older.

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Farmers Voice Concern About Possible Monsanto Mega-Merger

Farmers Voice Concern About Possible Monsanto Mega Merger

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Last month, Monsanto, the world’s largest biggest seed seller and a major manufacturer of pesticides, announced its desire to buy Syngenta, the Swiss company that is the world’s largest pesticides and also a seller of seeds. Though Syngenta has twice said no to the takeover attempt, U.S. farmers are concerned about the impact that a merger of these two companies could have on their crops.

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