Dispatches do Brasil: How Volkswagen Lost the Market, Part I (1950s-1980s)

Dispatches do Brasil: How Volkswagen Lost the Market, Part I (1950s 1980s)

There are a couple of things that mark Brazilians of all stripes. Football (the “real” world type) is surely one. There are many others. “Feijoada” is something almost every Brazilian loves, and the “caipirinha” drink has been a constant forever. However, things change. Brazilians now drink more beer than “cachaça” that is the basis for caipirinha and the city of São Paulo boast more sushi bars than Tokyo and eats more pizza than Rome, Milan and Turin combined.

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How to Get the Premium Tax Credit From the Affordable Care Act -

If you bought into the Affordable Care Act, you may end up paying some money back when filing your tax return. “If you bought health coverage through the federal or state health insurance marketplace, chances are you signed up to get some of that help in advance through advanced payments of what we call the Premium Tax Credit,” says Eric Smith, spokesman for the Internal Revenue Service. Smith says those who got the tax credit may have wrongly estimated their 2014 earnings — meaning they’ll have to reconcile the cost, either paying more or receiving a tax credit. “Some people may find they got an advanced payment that was not as much as they actually qualified for, and others maybe a little more,” said Smith. “Some are going to be a little up. Some are going to be a little down.” Anyone who purchased government-backed health care and didn’t claim the Premium Tax Credit in advance are now eligible to claim it in full.

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