For-profit colleges face increased scrutiny

For profit colleges face increased scrutinyFemale University Student Reading a Book in a Library(Photo: Getty Images)WASHINGTON (AP) — For-profit colleges with graduates unable to pay back their student loans could soon face scrutiny by the federal government.Schools with career-oriented programs that fail to comply with the new rule announced Thursday by the Obama administration stand to lose access to federal st…

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Rule Aims To Hold For-Profit Schools Accountable For Grads’ Success, But May Fall Short

Rule Aims To Hold For Profit Schools Accountable For Grads’ Success, But May Fall Short

(Sapurah Lashari)

The Dept. of Education has been trying for years to craft a “gainful employment” rule that would penalize schools — mostly for-profit career training programs — by taking away access to federal funds if they fail to provide the adequate tools for their students to find work. Two years after failing to enact a heavily compromised version of these rules, the Ed. Dept. folks have unveiled the latest version with stricter guidelines, but which some consumer groups say don’t do enough to protect students at these schools.

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