Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: Coast to Coast 2014 – New York City

Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: Coast to Coast 2014 – New York CityFord E-Series in Times Square, New York City – September 2014

You may remember my Trans-Siberian Railway series that took us from St Petersburg through to Mongolia. This time we are crossing the United States of America from the East to the West coast, departing in New York and arriving in Los Angeles. Last month the US new light vehicle market rebounded back to levels not seen since January 2006, so what better timing than now to explore it in detail, observing specificities in the automotive landscape as we go through various cities, States and regions.

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Minnesota Lottery Winner Going Back to Waiting Tables -

Minnesota Lottery Winner Going Back to Waiting Tables  A Minnesota couple who just won an $11.7 million lottery jackpot say their big plans to use the money include nothing “out of the ordinary,” with the wife even keeping her waitress’ job. “I actually really enjoy my job,” newly minted multimillionaire Rhonda Meath said of her job waiting tables at the Lake Elmo Inn in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. “I have great friends here and a great boss, and it’s just really a fantastic place to work, so I have no plans of leaving,” she said. New York Man Finds $2.9 Million Winning Lotto Ticket in His Truck New Jersey Woman to Share $20 Million Lottery Jackpot With 19 Relatives What to Do — and Not Do — With a Windfall Meath, 51, and her husband, Joe Meath of Bethel, Minnesota, came forward Monday as the winners of Saturday’s $11.7 million Hot Lotto jackpot. The couple, who arrived at lottery headquarters Monday with three of their four children, will take home all of the $11.7 million because Hot Lotto pays the state and federal taxes, according to ABC affiliate KSTP-TV in Minneapolis-St. Paul. “It was just a little shocking at first,” Rhonda Meath said. The Meaths said they will splurge on a new car but, other than that, they plan to make some charitable contributions and keep their lives the same. “Have to still mow the grass and get mail and put grandkids on the school bus,” Rhonda Meath told ABC News. “We’re not going to do anything out of the ordinary,” said Joe, who is retired. In terms of charity, Joe has promised to contribute to a college fund for the teenage clerk who sold him the winning ticket at a local gas station. Rhonda, who spends much of her free time training therapy dogs, says she will donate some of the money to a local police K-9 foundation. While their home life remains largely the same, Rhonda predicts she will see one difference on the job. “Oh, I think the kitchen staff is going to be a little nicer to me,” she said.

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Vienna Considering “Drive-In Brothels” To Keep Prostitutes Off The Streets

Vienna Considering “Drive In Brothels” To Keep Prostitutes Off The Streets


There are drive-in liquor stores and drive-in banks, but what about brothels? Not here, but in Vienna, where prostitution is legal. Workers have been complaining that they can only conduct business in areas that aren’t near residential neighborhoods, meaning not enough access to clean bathrooms and places like hotels where they can safely and comfortably operate. Drive-in brothels might be the fix.

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