Tony Abbott 'doesn't rule out' expanding income management |

Tony Abbott 'doesn't rule out' expanding income management | World news | NewsWire
Tony Abbott with Andrew Forrest, whose review of Indigenous training and employment has called for the introduction of a ‘healthy welfare’ card to dictate how welfare should be spent. Photograph: Nikki Short/AAPImage

Tony Abbott has left the door open to expanding welfare quarantining, but in a more limited form than proposed by the mining magnate Andrew Forrest, who wants almost all government benefits to be paid into income-management accounts.

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The homeless governor: California candidate spends a week in poverty |

The homeless governor: California candidate spends a week in poverty | World news | NewsWire
Neel Kashkari, right, Republican candidate for governor of California, talks with a man at a homeless shelter in Sacramento. Photograph: Rich Pedroncelli/AP

The dishevelled figure hauls his backpack through the streets of Fresno by day, seeking work, and by night camps out on benches, counting his last dollars, wondering about his next meal.

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United Fliers, Prepare To Be Bored By This Punishingly Long “Humorous” Safety Video

Even people who haven’t flown are pretty familiar with the basics of the safety spiel the cabin crew gives before takeoff — no smoking, buckle your seatbelt and keep it buckled, know where the exits are, don’t freak the f*#$ out when the oxygen bag thing drops, and if we crash into the water and manage to survive, you can float in the freezing water on your seat cushion. The more concise an airline can make these statements, the better. But United Airlines thinks that the best way to make you give a hoot about airline safety is to make you watch a 4.5-minute video that tries to tickle your funny bone.

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Malaysia Airlines faces fight over its own survival

A couple watches the a Malaysia Airlines plane taxi on the runway at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang on July 27, 2014. Any airline would struggle with the devastating impact of losing one jet full of passengers, especially if it had already been bleeding money for years. But losing… Read More >