Joe Hockey adamant that budget will not break any tax promises |

Joe Hockey adamant that budget will not break any tax promises | World news | NewsWire
'We never said that we were going to never change a tax, or alter a tax,' says the treasurer, Joe Hockey. Photograph: Alan Porritt/AAP

Joe Hockey has sought to head off voters’ anger about higher petrol taxes and the deficit levy, arguing that his first budget would not break any promises because the Coalition had not said it would “never change a tax”.

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Asian logging companies ‘use British islands for tax dodging’ | World news | The Observer

Giant Asian logging companies that make billions from destroying rainforests use a labyrinth of secret shell companies based in a UK overseas territory, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), which operate as a tax haven, according to documents seen by the Observer. The 13 companies own millions of acres in Indonesia, provide much of the world's palm oil, timber and paper, and use complex legal and financial structures to keep their tax liabilities low.

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M&A frenzy as Pfizer amasses AstraZeneca critics

The Pfizer logo is displayed on the exterior of a former Pfizer factory, Sunday, May 4, 2014, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. The pharmaceutical giant said, Monday, May 5, 2014, that their first-quarter profit dropped 15 percent due to cheaper generic competition continuing to reduce sales of m… Read More >