Generational smackdown: Millennials vs. Yummies

Tommy Hilfiger fashion show(Photo: AP)Millennials, it's not all about you anymore. It's only about some of you. Specifically, the Yummies.In a more than 100-page report to its clients this month, financial services firm HSBC coined the term "Yummy" to refer to the growing buying power of the young urban male. These men have what so many… Read More >

Millennials most willing to move for wife’s job

Aric Asplund and Jennifer Peterson(Photo: USA TODAY)As women gain wage equality in the workplace and increasingly become primary breadwinners, the nation's youngest professionals are more willing than any other generation to move for a wife's career, according to new data out this week.A survey from the Mayflower moving company shows more than half o… Read More >

Retirement: How to start your own business

Deborah E. Banda, Esq | Interim Vice President AARP Education & Outreach | Financial Security Office: 202-434-2205 | Cell: 617-852-3717 [Via MerlinFTP Drop](Photo: None None)More older entrepreneurs are starting businesses, many times after they've worked and retired from other careers. USA TODAY's Rodney Brooks talks advice and perspective with Deborah Banda, interim vice president for education and outreach/financial security at AARP. Read More >

Save of the Day: Spruce up your spring cleaning routine

Cleaning Supplies(Photo: Thinkstock)In my continued search to save you time and money, today we celebrate the best of the spring cleaning products and deals. Many experts will tell you spring cleaning is burdensome and time-consuming because many of us aren't using best products.We had a chance to interview many viewers, parents, janitorial staff, housekeepers and maintenance specialists to develop a list of their favorite products. I'm pairing this today with some huge coupons and a way to significantly slash your prices.Please keep in mind that many of the deals I've flagged in the video above will sell-out and prices are expected to be double what they are today in most cases this time next week. Read More >